Hocus pocus solution

I can prove that hocus pocus scammy herbs sold by some dude making a profit in his shop works. Next time you have a cold, just walk into the herb shop, buy ANYTHING (the shit they sell is this good), then go home, follow the instructions on the label, and wait two weeks. I can guarantee that your cold will be cured. Brilliant stuff eh?

You will never need to go to a doctor again :) w00p w00p!

My manly slippers

My tootsies were getting cold during the evenings, so I decided to buy some slippers to keep them warm. I decided to get some manly looking ones to impress the ladies. They’re super awesome and super warm :)


YouTube’s selling videos?

Since when has YouTube been selling movies? Is this news, or did I just stumble across something new?

EDIT: I tried buying a movie, but it doesn’t seem to accept any of my normal methods of payment (various Visa cards). So I’m guessing this is some sort of malfunctioning test that YouTube is running.


Home made protein balls

I decided to make homemade protein bars this evening. I mixed up some rolled oats, dried cranberries, vanilla flavoured whey protein and chopped almonds. Then I got some peanuts which i turned into peanut butter and mixed that up with chocolate, honey, almond milk and some apple sauce which I nuked on high for 45 seconds. I then added the hot stuff to the cold stuff, mixed it up, then tried to them them into bars. It was too darned sticky, so I ended up making protein balls instead, as they were easier to form :)

They taste awesome and are incredibly healthy despite their taste :)


If you would like to make your own protein bars/balls, checkout the video by NaturalGC on YouTube which I based my recipe on.


Random JavaScript question

kittenSolved! Special thanks to @Japh and John Blackbourne for figuring out where I went wrong :)

I’m trying to abstract some strings from a JavaScript file, but I can’t get it to work. I’m hoping some kind soul somewhere out there on the interwebz can tell me what stupidly obvious thing I am missing.

The code is buried in something which is manipulating a Backbone.js script. No matter what I do, I can’t use a variable with the “routes” section and am not sure how to work around that. You can see an example with the “blabla” variable below:

var blabla = 'boober';
// Sets up the routes events for relevant url queries
themes.Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
	routes: {
		blabla: 'this should be a boober',
		'test': 'test',
		'another-test': 'yes it is a test'

Any ideas on how this works and how I can go about working around it?

I don’t really understand the syntax used there, which is probably not helping my understanding of it :/

Big thanks to anyone who is able to assist me in figuring this out :)