Random JavaScript question

kittenSolved! Special thanks to @Japh and John Blackbourne for figuring out where I went wrong :)

I’m trying to abstract some strings from a JavaScript file, but I can’t get it to work. I’m hoping some kind soul somewhere out there on the interwebz can tell me what stupidly obvious thing I am missing.

The code is buried in something which is manipulating a Backbone.js script. No matter what I do, I can’t use a variable with the “routes” section and am not sure how to work around that. You can see an example with the “blabla” variable below:

var blabla = 'boober';
// Sets up the routes events for relevant url queries
themes.Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
	routes: {
		blabla: 'this should be a boober',
		'test': 'test',
		'another-test': 'yes it is a test'

Any ideas on how this works and how I can go about working around it?

I don’t really understand the syntax used there, which is probably not helping my understanding of it :/

Big thanks to anyone who is able to assist me in figuring this out :)


The gods

Those gods you name, are mere false idols. The real gods will strike down thee with furious vengeance and anger. Thy kingdom come; Thy pasta will be done; as it is at Dominoes. Amen.

Ruined business model

In reference to my business being ruined:

I had a business which was obliterated by WordPress including it’s functionality in core (it was menus). My plugin became mostly irrelevant overnight, as the implementation in core was much better than I had in my own plugin.

I saw that as more of a failing on my part than anything else though. If my plugin was good enough, then I would have gotten a lot of kudos and advertising purely from having that functionality bundled into core. I would have been the goto person for menu stuff in core. As it stood, I was that guy who made a half-baked plugin that sort of did what people wanted, but not quite, then core got menus and my plugin and services became irrelevant.

My point being … if your plugin is good enough, then I think there are benefits to having your stuff rolled into core.

If your plugin is not good enough, and core implements something better, then you just become a sheep who got squashed during the process of WordPress improving itself. Everyone benefits (well, apart from you perhaps, but you are just one person in a sea of millions).

New Google Maps “Digital Timeline”

Comment by yours truly:

I think this will be very fascinating in 40 years time. It will be fascinating to look back on where I currently live, even if it is bulldozed and upgraded in the in the mean time.

It could be particularly fascinating to look back on your neighbourhood from when you were a child. I’m too old for that now, but I would love to Google street view my old neighbourhood. Everything would be just as I remember it as a child, which would be really nice to see. It’d be like looking through an old photo album, but one in which you could cruise around and see all the details you might like to go be nosey at.